About Us

Our Story
EGEMISS was founded in 2021. EGEMISS is a comprehensive shopping website integrating men's and women's clothing. Inspire by and created for the most vibrant, fun, and fearless shopper all over the world. Since our inception, we've built an incredible community of shoppers who move forward in confidence, comfort, and satisfaction.

Our Mission
"Everyone finds what you love
EGEMISS prides itself on offering to interest, convenient and fashion ideas catering to both those who pursue the quality of life and those who love life, that won’t break the bank. EGEMISS adheres to the concept that “Everyone finds what you love”. EGEMISS is able to stay on top of the latest trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these ideas to market. It aims to promptly offer Great value for money products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

Our Philosophy
One-stop shopping!
While you shop around so many stores, over the time, some stores become your favorite and after a while you just stop going to other stores. Everything you can ever want is available at one store.
That’s the idea of creating this “EGEMISS”, get everything you need plus great deals to make your pocket happy.

Our Guiding Principle
Customer is the king!
Your need and interest are the first priority. We work hard to offer you the products that can be fun and also be inspiring, to help you to show the best version of yourself to the world. The products we offer you range from the smallest of crafted accessories to electrical gadgets and clothing — sold only with the finest of quality, build and use. We offer the lowest prices for products featured on our site. We eliminate the fluff and gimmicks from our operations, thus passing more savings on to your side.

Our Goal
Your happiness & satisfaction!
We believe that our product is a powerful statement of creativity, personal use, and interests. With that note, we make sure we meet every inch of your requirements to help you gain the most out of our products. We take pride in our superior customer service. Nothing is more important to us than to listen your reviews on our products. Contact us about a product you have purchased, share your experience (good or bad). We’ll do whatever it takes to make your buying experience wonderful.

Email us: service@egemiss.com.

Social Media: https://www.pinterest.com/egemiss_official/

Address: 1401, 201 Hubin North Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China 361000.

Telephone: +852 46775163